Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gold Mine International Finally Failed To Convince Me

Gold Mine International is a multinational company which is a tree system to earning. Gold is kept as standard for investment and all investors earn when they make other investors sign up under their tree and then one person has to sign up two more to start his earning. The profit is paid in dollars. One can also opt to have some gold product.

Well, this is the info I got when I was seriously thinking about this company. This is something natural to me that I do not need to work much hard when I am in search of something. One evening when my brothers Imtiaz and Shahbaz were sitting in the lounge discussing the money matters when suddenly Imtiaz jumped out and placed this idea of GMI infront of us to earn.

These are gold products offered by GMI to its investors

I told him that I would make a research and then let him know about it. The very next day, I by chance met an official of GMI and volunterly told him to convince me for sign up. His 30 minutes presentation could not make me feel convinced and he finally changed the topic when he saw me coming up with some arguments on the authenticity of this company. Today, I do not know why but was thinking since morning to read more on GMI and share my thoughts with my readers.

This could be wrong or having conflicts with religious school of thought but what I believe and say about the theory of Haram and Halaal is "Something earned with blood and sweat provided that it got no conflict with natural limitations." These natural limitations include Islam and basic ethics which originates from Islam but few lines vary from area to area. Plus natural limitations also include the cultural limitations.

So when I heard about the basic procedure of earning from my brother about GMI, I looked challenging with my ideology of earning. So I confirmed it from the official of GMI I met. So very first thing was confirmed. Then about the religious authenticity of this system of earning, they had a fatwa. But this type of persons can be found very easily who can create fatwa as you want on any deal made to them. If they had fatwa from people like Tahir Alqadri, I would cetainly have believed. The third thing they said they were a rigistered company. But this company never declared its assets and paid any taxes to government of Pakistan till now. I am posting a cutting from urdu newspaper which shows an incident where 4 officials of GMI were arrested due to this scam.

This was done by FIA. It clearly shows that something is wrong at the basics. Plus onething more I would like to mention here is the economical weapon of Jews using against muslims. This company simply takes money and then earning starts when one traps two more persons and this continues. So being very true, if this company goes bankrupt any time, 88% of the investors would get their pockets blank and 12% would get billions of dollars. Plus all the webservers supporting this company are located in Isreal.

The last thing I would like to mention here is the self conviction about the acceptance of anything or any ideology. I personally do not believe in this type of earning.Guys, do you have something to share or say about it?

Very useful information about this scam can be found out at GMI Scam.


  1. so its ok, but one person in our area told me that they are even paid now by this company,,,if it is fraud why Pakistan government is not stopping it.