About Social Denter!

Some time in past, I was reading a book by Mumtaz Mufti, an eminent writer from Pakistan. This book was basically the second part of his biography named as "Alakh Nagri". He mentioned an incident about a spiritual gathering in the presence of Qudrat Ullah Shahab RA ans few others.

Mumtaz Mufti questions a professor sitting in the gathering about his recent spiritual advancement. That professor, I do not remember his name, answered that he was too busy in denting his personality which was the utmost important duty of every mankind. When asked to elaborate this, he replied in the following way:

"We all are familiar with the denter, a person who removes dents from the metallic structures especially the vehicle bodies. Same goes for human being. We have to remove the dents from our personality to achieve the state of moderation in all our social and personal dealings. That is the most important prospect of life and leads to the success in this world and life after this world."

The concept of Social denter has been taken from this incident.

How much I have been successful here, readers are the best judges. But never hesitate to share your critical point of view so that I come up with something positive to remove the social dents. Perhaps this could lead to a welfare society and a welfare state in true sense.