Sunday, March 19, 2017

Visual Pollution: The Most Dangerous

Few days back, I started feeling severe headache and pain in my eyes. After few basic diagnostic techniques, I formed my opinion that all the pain was  due to a psychological issue. My mind was strongly opposing the content being shown to me on print and electronic media. I started further research on the subject topic and my findings are as follows.

1. We are being shown the content which is of commercial basis. Every print and electronic media mean is trying to capture our visual space to get their content and ideas penetrated in our minds so that corporate effects can be gained.

2. We use media to see what we want to see and then get our psychological benefits but our visual space capturing phenomena takes place and a strong repulsing stream from our mind is created which results in behavior changes. Extreme cases can result in the form of severe headache and neck ache.

3. Print and electronic media is capturing more than 50% of our visual space. This can also be regarded as visual corruption. There must be some standards and visual limits for the usage of our visual space.

4. The most affected part of this pollution is children. Their visual space is being taken much from the real world which can result in many psychological problems.

If this issue is not catered for, we may see a drastic increase in the psy cases of children and loss of eyesight in children. In grown ups, certain psy issues and other medical complications can be of increase. There is a dire need to understand, analyse and plan our visual space for the better usage of our natural health cycles.