Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Entry Test Cancellation Trivia of UETs and Poor Students of Pakistan

The poor students who had dreams of being the engineers and building new heights and nations, got their dreams shattered when they were just back from the entry test of UETs of Punjab. They administration announced that they had cancelled the test due to some avoidable circumstances. The more explanation was given as some parts of the question paper had been leaked.

They announced that few parts of the question paper had been leaked before the test date. These parts or the paper was sold in the black market of educationists of Pakistan in .1 million per paper. The bookies who were involved in the paper leakage felt the warmth of millions of rupees and poor dreams got shattered. The dark side still remains.

Almost 41000 students appeared in the entry test this year. The total money collected from the poor students is about 8.2 Million PKR. All the money, dreams, hard work, and reputation of universities as well as students got a huge setback. But just in print media, I was able ti find one article in the  name of poor students who had been waiting anxiously for their future defining steps.

UETs got the biggest engineering setup in Punjab and can be compared with any of the world top engineering universities of the world. Even I used to dream of it when I was in second year. But all of us know what happens in Pakistan. Pakistan is not such a bad place, there are few black sheep who are always in a way to find some thing negative and exploit it. Same thing happened here. Because UETs were torch bearers of engineering in Pakistan and were top engineering universities of Pakistan.

The need of the hour is to first define certain limitations for the students who have been affected like UET must take the test again on the old roll number slips and free of cost. All expenses should be paid by UET. Plus there should be proper investigation on this sad incident and black sheep must be taken to public where their fate to be decided.

For students, they should not feel depressed or tense. It happens but one has to keep faith in Allah and be confident. Because something one deserves, he surely gets that. So no need to worry about. Allah bless Pakistan.

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