Tuesday, September 13, 2011

When I talk about future of Pakistan, I remember her.

What I see/imagine/think/perceive about Pakistan is quite different. When it comes to ground realities, we see terrorism, target killing, corruption and much more which is enough to take this country under water in a short span of time. But a strange fact that since the day Pakistan was created, it is going up and up. Why is this contradiction?
Kiran Javid: Who taught me much in short time.

This is a question I might write afterwords. Today I am especially writing for the young generation of Pakistan. I am not talking about the generation who is in working age now. I confine myself to the age group under 10 years. Again something strange but the thing is going to work in the time to come, all of us would see.

Few days back I had to travel to Rawalpindi from Rangpur. I had first to come to Khushab by Bus then to Rawalpindi by Panther.  In the bus, at last seats, there were 3 children sitting and making the bus their play ground. Things like that compel me to a part of that. I suddenly shifted my seat and started chatting with a girl named Kiran Javid. She was middle one among those three and student of Prep class.

The details of that chit chat are not important. The thing I want to mention here is the level of intellect, awareness, consciousness, and sole directions of personality, and environment she had. She was as educated as a student of 10th class of our under developed areas and better than about half of our non-educated population. She had a vision at that age of 6 years.

It might be thought that Kiran can be over intelligent etc, but that is not the case. She was average when it comes to intelligence or IQ. But the concepts about life, social attitudes and ambitions she had were worth appreciating.

My cute little friend Kiran Javid. 
This is not specific about Kiran Javid. I mentioned her because she was the latest one whom I met and had qualities to write on. Another example I can place here which is about my niece. She is student of 2nd class and can install window on PC. But no one else can do that at my home although I taught it to my younger and elder brother.

Men are created by environment. This generation is having all these problems as their welcome guests when they enter the professional world. So they will ultimately be having the solutions of such problems. This is what our beloved Pakistan requires. So there is nothing to worry about while living in Pakistan. The future is quite bright. Allah bless Pakistan. 


  1. Its positive but its a fact that one learns most from the environment. Here we can have the very dark side as well if followed everything blindly

  2. But our new generation is positive, I have a blind trust. The people to come will see Insha Allah...