Saturday, April 28, 2012

Self conviction Vs Ambitiousness

Life is a panorama. It drags one into different situations, it makes him feel the fascinations and then it makes him take some tough decisions in order to keep himself busy to pass the time he/she has been granted in this world. The times passes in such a way that one hardly bothers its speed. When he/she is over with this specific time period known as life, feels empty handed.

 Why it is so?

There is one approach being ambitious. It is most f the time due to certain external factors and drags one n such approaches which make him/her potent at the end. But it it fails, one gets nothing except frustration and the other grim facts of life.

But the other approach is being self convective. It also drags man, but it never makes the feeling that one is being dragged to follow fake perceptions of happiness and being potent and socially acceptable. It keeps   one motivated, positive and self oriented through out the whole time span.

Few days back i was thinking about all the great personalities of the world like Allama Iqbal, and many more. These are the people who listened to their inner self, pondered upon what all was happening inside then. They concentrated upon the nature. And they went on. Ultimately the voice which came from their soul changed the whole external.

Do you know one thing?

I.e. our external is dependent upon our internal.

So be convictive.  Listen to your inner self and keep going. Ambitiousness ultimately breaks one but conviction ultimately composes all traits of our nature and man comes up as great. This is something permanent. The next is up to you.

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