Thursday, January 17, 2013

12 Reasons Why I Support Tahir Ul Qadri

In the recent political and social unrest in Pakistan, one is obliged to have a break and take a look at what all is happening and going to happen in the recent future. Same happend to me. Just going through facebook, I came across few lines which were share by a friend of mine. I just wana share that because it clicked me.

Most of our poor "awam" is concerned about bred. Those who are left seem crazy about the credibility and leadership. Leadership includes what one can think and question. According to the recent analysis by media and these tweleve points given by my friend, Sheikh ul Islam Dr Tahir Ul Qadri is the most appropriate choice. He is best choice regarding credibility and his clear demands.

Have a look:

12 Reasons Why We should support Tahir ul Qadri 
and Why He is the only Leader Who Can Bring Real Needed Change in Pakistan 

im supporting P.T.I but u need to see this.. lool

1. He is comparatively more Qualified i.e PHD 
2. He is a personality with minimum controversies associated 
3. If he can establish his network in 90 countries he has good enough management capabilities to Manage Pak Caretaker Govt
4. He has served nation by Launching Greatest Non Governmental Education System i.e Minhaj Education System with Minhaj ul Quran University, Colleges, schools etc
5. He is the only Personality in Pak who has Written more than 1000 books and delivered lectures on more than 6000 topics
6. He is L.L.B and has taught Law as Professor in Panjab University, Therefore has advantage of Law education
7. He has held more than 300 International Peace seminars to Change Islam's International Image w.r.t Terrorism
8. He has written Fatwa Against Terrorism that has been discussed on 2 Million websites and Hundreds of Media Channels
9. He has the Minimum Political Baggage in Pak
10. Has given a practicable banking system free of Interest i.e purely Islamic Banking system
11. Has a very good international image
12. Has Millions of fans within and outside Pakistan.


  1. 100% agree, but different religious group having different opinion against him, but as well as my self is concern i am a voter of Imran khan, but having full sympathy with Tahir Ul Qadri

  2. Agree to all the above.
    In a nutshell, he is a GREAT Visionary of this century...

    1. of course man... agr kuch b na ho, wo in tmam political nuts sy bht behtr hy....

  3. well most of ur point are what a common man sees but the govt dont...!
    dont trust the media trust ur instincts