Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fine Art of Blogging

The latest social networking revolution has toppled up the conventional  concepts and a new theory of social space is on the verge of evolution. This might be something strange for the social media addicts but very soon it would be quite evident that the congested social media would be unable to cope up with the ever expanding demands and expectations of social networks users. So what is going to be the next brink of this social media revolution???

The new concept of social networking is the Social Space concept. The social networking tycons like facebook, twitter, myspace etc are constanty introducing new apps. But the ever increasing vision of common user has started demanding for more space and freedon of thought.

So blogging tycons have introduced this concept of social space where users get a bit mature approach as compared to social networking tycons. Thus infant bloggers like me got new horizons to explore and tycons like S A J Shirazi got the reinsin their hands to mold the user demands and user opinion as per the new theory of social space.

A project initiated by S A J Shirazi to encourage the young bloggers and bring them on one platform which has been appreciated at all levels is Art of Blogging. According to it:

 "Internet is a lonely place without Blogging; a fine social art, science, also a pure economics. Blogs are different to different people. At my tech blog ( – where I mostly talk of basics) I am starting a project titled Fine Art (and Science) of Blogging in order to introduce meaningful blogs to local bloggers and my students."

As I experienced it here as M Behzad Jhatial – a blogger with conviction, I think is something worth experiencing and got much more like exposure, experience, new horizons, art and passion for a blogger. As I mentioned earlier Why blogging matters to me, this is something which comes up next after it. 


  1. Mr. Behzad u have done well...
    and a nuie tribute to Mr. SAJ Shirazi... :)

  2. Thanks Bezhad for mention hre. Happy blogging.

  3. Beautiful post Behzad! I simply loved your writing style and the entire blog.