Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Perhaps It Belonged to Our World (Saving Birds)

Few days before I was going back to my room after the completion of daily work. While feeling fly high t my new bike, all of a sudden I saw a vulture lying dead on the road. There was nothing worth mentioning, worth watching, worth stopping or worth paying attention. Still I stopped, took out my mobile phone and started making pics of dead vulture  lying up side down on the road.

While making pics, I was continuously think just one sentence i.e.

                         "Perhaps It belonged to us !!!" 

The dead vulture lying on the road.

While going through the ancient ages, it reminded me of the relationship between the man living in caves and the wildlife giving a company. The jungle birds and animals have served humanity offering their dung, meat, fur, bones, blood and all what they possessed. The time passed and human being started evolving and getting mature ideologically. And finally humanity left jungles and became permanent inhabitant of developed cities.

But inside man still exists the same cave aged conceptual hoax. So humanity is attracted towards silence, jungle, wild animals and birds etc. Perhaps we still find peace in the same circumstances which were there when we were in the process of evolution. Same feeling was there while making pics of dead vulture lying on the road.

Wild life has its rights. Who are we to snatch this right from these beauties was nature ???

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  1. Ya, it does. Birding is very dear to me. Thanks for sharing this concern.

    We all need to do what we can to save avafuna.