Monday, June 3, 2013

Generations under the shadows of slavery

Sitting in the class room using Facebook whole hiding the cell phone from teacher had been something exciting but when I came across the tragic death of Fared Khan ,  MPA from Hangu. He had been a poor man through his whole life.  He worked hard to make his both hands meet. This was essence of awareness, struggle and Democratic maturity that he stood up for a change, for a better future, for a struggle standards of basic needs of life. The struggle always comes up with something bright. 

The new hopes,new aims and new intentions for the better tomorrow of country started with the new government establishment.  But the bitter realities of socio political hoax remained there. The first session of provincial assembly was about to be held after few moments when Fareed Khan entered the assembly wearing worn out suite and plastic chappal. Perhaps this was the turning point in his life. On the very next night he was killed and terrorists have been held responsible for his killing. 

I am just sitting silent, trying to figure out the factors related to this tragic incident but still sitting dump. I am unable to blame system, society, political factors and the inter party rifts because these are part of the time playing their part for such incidents. 

The system is still under the process of getting mature. But still the dark shadows of slavery are there. There are times when every one is knowing the killer but does not carry the courage to stand up and be counted for the maturity of system, better future of society and a better tomorrow.

This is going to end when we are going to stop the blame game. There is always something one to take the responsibility when ever there is such incident.  And we are living in the fool,s paradise that we accept all of sudden what so ever is being told rather being fed to our society by this paid media.

I just checked all the leading TV channels and the news groups regarding this news but like always got ripped. Media was very busy in softening the opinion of social masses about the gradients who all stand behind the curtain controlling the tangibles of our society. We all know these killers.

But still o grade this incident as the dark before dawn.

لمبی ہےغم کی شام مگر شام ہی تو ہے.

Note: This is sole my opinion and can differ from the reader.

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