Sunday, February 5, 2017

Bano Qudssia : An Era Ends

Bano Qudssia was a legendry urdu writer. She was born in a literate family of Lahore. She married to a renowned drama writer Ishfaq Ahmed and passed away yesterday. Her writings include Raja Gidh, the most anticipated, read, discussed and lived. 
That is the shorted brief of her life perhaps. But there are few things which I wanted to write abut her as my personal apprehensions about her. 
1. She lived three lives at the same time. The first one as a wife, socond one as a writer and third one as "khidmatgar" of  few litrary legends of that time i.e. Qudrat Ullah Shahab, Mumtaz Mufti and Ishfaq Ahmed. Here the word "khidmatgar" includes focal point of all the feels which these legends carried regarding litrary creations. 
2. She wrote for life and for the feel of era. She once quoted " we used to measure the price of even our household items in the form of scripts we had written to earn that". 
3. Above all of these factors, he mother factor multiplied after death of her husband and the close ones. Her home " Dastan Sarai " became a place of love for all who loved urdu literature and this legacy. He uses to hold meetups of emerging writers and all those who wanted to have a good will of this legacy. 
Although I had no direction relation or interaction with this legacy and Bano Qudssia, still that feel prevails around me. 
May Allah bless her the highest rank in Jannah and keep this legacy of love and literature alive in the time to come. 

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