Thursday, August 4, 2011

Google Page Rank Update Left Me Flying

I was just back from paper, and sitting in front of PC to kill few moments to divert the attention, suddenly say a link shared by Syed Asghar Ali Shirazi about the google page rank update. Previously I had an idea that google updates the page ranks every 3 months. So the last update was on 27th June. I eyed on the August update, but this link stopped me.

I opened it and went through all the stuff there. S A J Shirazi had announced that two of his blogs got page rank of 2,3. I googled the page rank checker and browsed about my blogs. One of my blogs i.e. Islam & Spiritualism had got PR#2 and the second Pakistan Ultimate Sports Blog has the PR#1.

This is perhaps one of the gracious moments of my life. The PR post on S A J Shirazi's blog is here.

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  1. Congrats Behzad!
    Also, i want to mention that your introduction,Who is Behzad, is incredible; very powerful and unconventional. I like the variety of topics you shared on your blog. Keep it up!
    On a common note, I also want to address our social issues on my blog.