Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Science Group vs Arts Group : The pros & cons of latest trend in matriculation

When I was in Govt High School Kodiwal, Rangpur, most of the students used to opt the arts group when they had to make a selection between science group and arts group in matriculation. Most of the studious guys had a slight inspiration from science and the backbenchers like me had to go for arts group. I am talking of late 90s and start of twentieth century.

Position holders on Lahore board in matriculation.
I passed metric exam in 2004. It was an era when science group vs arts group were having almost equal votes. But yesterday result of matriculation was announced. One thing must be kept in mind that I am talking about the results, not the over all strength of both groups.

So today, while looking at he headlines I suddenly came to know that trend had taken 180 degree twist. For example, I am writing the figures of lahore board just to show how trend has shifted;

Total strength in science group = 96536
Passed = 73680
Percentage = 76.32%
Total Strength in arts group = 109475
Passed = 47297
Percentage = 43.20%

The huge difference between passing rate can be noted. One thing more, there is a bit difference between success rate and exam passing rate which has been more precisely explained here. But the thing is that our younger generation is much more scientific.

It is misconceived that being scientific means more and more materialistic. But people talking about materialism often forget about science and nature merge to make a true analytical mind to take precise decisions at critical social edges. So when we look at the latest trend in our younger generation, we must feel proud and expect more intelligent, analytical and better religious approached generation who is going to take the reigns of nation in its hands very soon.

This is how scientific approach is applied.
 Secondly, I would like to suggest to eradicate the difference between science and arts. Arts is basically the super superior form of science. One imagines, creates sculpture of that imagination and then scientist starts thinking on those lines defined by so called artist. This is how heavenly knowledge is transferred on earth. Alexander Fleming who discovered penicillin once said "Every scientist performs Raqs-e-Dervish" in his laboratory.  So what I suggest here is to merge these science and arts groups and create distributions like life sciences, social sciences etc. Candidate must be allowed to take the subjects according to his will but major subjects like math should be there till matriculation.

This can actually work in our society because I have observed it myself the analytical scientific approach in younger generation. Just look at a practical example as my father can not operate a simple mobile phone fully although he is matriculation passed. My nephew who is now studying in 3rd class, can fully operated the computer even once he installed windows at his own which I could do after taking more than three trials.

Keeping in mind the above approach, one can predict the bright future of Pakistan. Allah bless Pakistan. 

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