Friday, August 12, 2011

Laptops Distribution by Punjab Government and Future Prospects

I just got to know that so called Khadim-e-Aala Punjab, Mian Shahbaz Sharif has announced that 100000 laptops would be distributed among the bright students of Punjab to ensure their study career going on latest techno social track. This is indeed a matter of great pleasure and pride for the whole Punjab and must be appreciated.

But I wanted to few things in this regard.

We are living in a bipolar society when it comes to distribution of wealth and classes. There are rich and there are poor. There are few who are passing through life, about rest life is passing through them. I mentioned this factor in earlier article i.e. Bipolar Society and Social Hoax in Pakistan. So we have to look at this project in these two contexts.

When I talk about the IT Labs project, it was started and installed in a smart way. But me being a member of lower class, get the chance to visit many government schools and the type of uncertainties there. Most of the remote areas of Punjab where people go to government schools, got no electricity. If they got electricity, load shedding never allows some one to have a chance to just read a newspaper. So no way for students to visit IT Labs and learn few basics about computer.

When I talk about these laptops, two things come to my mind.
  1. The elite or rich class does not allow their children to visit government schools. If some children of this class get a chance to study in government schools, they perform once in a blue moon. So this class is out of question for this project.
  2. When we talk about lower class, their children study in government schools but most of this class is living in areas where there is no electricity. If this facility is installed, it is not available. When ever I get a chance to visit my village, I am so astonished to see there is no light for about 10-15 hours per day. So if the students get the laptops, when will they use it and learn something? Plus there is no internet available in the areas where the government schools are there. 
  3. Government has not announced any specific area. I suppose these would be distributed equally in all schools of Punjab. If it is done according to above supposition, most of these laptops should be distributed in southern Punjab where there is no light and internet available. 
So what would happen finally?

  1. These laptops would be mostly P4 or Dual Core. If some elite class member gets it, he would seldom bother to use it. So immediately it would be sold. 
  2. The lower class members would be getting most of these laptops as per program and purpose. But they would seldom dare to use it due to no light and techno social barriers in the minds of elders. Secondly economic factor would take them to the point where they would be obliged to sell these machines and earn few bucks for their food and shelter. So ultimately it  would be sold.
But overall i is a nice step by government and must be appreciated. Me being a member of lower class look at this project with a pride and wish some of these laptops coming to my village. It would be a techno revolution if this project is completed in a sincere way and the proper guidance is provided for it. Allah bless Pakistan.


  1. Nice post and noble thoughts. But tell me have you idea of a UN scheme 'one laptop per child.' You know what happened to that. I wish you read that.

  2. laptop are not being given to schools .they are given to undergraduate being medical student having schooland college education from government sector.......but if am not well updated with technology i will die in modren word in terms of pt ask me on internet i have seen my illness and treatment doctor why r u giving me such medicine ...this and that....medical education is changing every moment ...from where io should learn it in my ciountry ...of course from net .thats why it is necessary