Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Is NUST Getting Down Day By Day?

Pakistan is becoming more and more education deficient country as the day passes. This is because the trust which students had in institution is being lost day by day. There are many factors adding to it like the violation trend on a drastic rise. Two days before, a student of Riphah University gunned down his vice principal etc. The entry tests of UET and NUST (two most prestigious engineering universities of Pakistan and ranked top in Pakistan ) were leaked out.

There are many factors adding to it but me being a NUST student would confine myself to the factors which are taking the ranking of university low day by day. These factors are explained below:

  1. The entry test trivia which left every student of NUST and all the candidates who had some dreams to have a chance of study in one of the best engineering institutions of Pakistan, shocked. The retest has been arranged and taken successfully but the trust and chance has been lost. Guys have taken admissions in other universities so they are hesitating to join NUST so late. 
  2. When I talk about my time, I see the merit positions till 1000 getting admission. But now it ranges to 3000. This is good in a sense that more and more students get a chance to be here at NUST. But it adds to lowering the standards. In order to cope up with it, the faculty and NUST administration has to work much hard. 
  3. NUST has to revise its fee policy. It is because when we compare it with UET and other national universities, we find it much expensive. Although there are few scholarships program but that is not enough as far as the student demand is concerned. 
 These are a few lines which I feel NUST has to think on. Otherwise when it comes to bipolar society like elite and poor classes in Pakistan, NUST is confining it self to just one pole. But the talent exists at both poles. Good luck NUST and Allah bless Pakistan.