Monday, January 28, 2013

Redical Streams of Personality

I have been a bit social consultant for the last few years. This is just informal type of consultency when the object does not know that he/she is being guided by some one or he is getting some fresh air at psychological grounds. A problem which most of my objects have been found facing is the redical streams and over ambitiusness of the people who play the maximum role in the grroming of the personalities they have been made responsible for.

This is new era where the social concepts have been revolutionized by the rapid growth of inter human relations through social media and the latest technological advancements. The old concepts have been changed but few redical idealists have been applying their concepts on new generation especially parents. This is a bit awkward but still happening in our society. I mentioned it in the previous article Self Conviction vs Ambitiousness.

The basic needs of personality are education, firm ideological basis, and the affection from the personality responsible for grooming. The redicals think that they are the few having 100% right ideological basis and grooming in the way they are required to. But they forget the exposure the new generation is going to get, the psychological needs of new generation and versatility of the ideological sphere. This is dreastic when adolescent minds refuse to accept such ideas.

These problems persist and the end results are very drastic. Either the young minds get betrayed and find their destination in narcotics or atleast the device some ways to get the fresh air which is extremely unacceptable to their parents or elders. But no one bothers to pay attention and find the root cause of the problem. The blame always goes to the young generation because elders are by default right.

This is alarming when we are living in such a suffocated social sector. If you come across such case, do take a break and have a look at what you learnt and feom where, take a look at your past, and do not start blaming any one. Just be cool for a short period of time. Then change the way and location. The positivity would automatically start coming your way. Allah bless you all.


  1. Lack of attention is seamlessly tearing apart the fabrics of societies, visibly corrupting the public morals and damaging the institution of family. More so among teens and tweens.

    We all need to create awarness and combat it at all levels.

    1. You are right sir.... If the same thing continues, the future is going to be very drastic. Hope it does not happen....

  2. Yes, I agree with you and I think affection comes first that makes a huge difference along with good schooling and ideological training. Well written post.