Sunday, June 30, 2013

Last drops of blood

Few years before when I read a famous book Raja Gidh by Bano Qudssia, I could not understand the philosophy of social pressure. The time changed and gradually I became such a citizen of Pakistan who like everyone had been a victim of debts, taxes and violence.  The time taught me all social inequalities and the the theory of social pressure.

The new government formed by PMlN presented it's first budget with the claims of business friendly without any taxes. It was appreciated by  almost all TVs and print media. But the poor nation did not know the insights of what all had been played with figures.

Tomorrow is the first day of implementation of the new budget.  Even myself getting curious to see what all is there in the name of business friendly???

There are rumors that the hundred rupee mobile card would be rewarding just 58 rupee.  The basic necessities of life are expected to go sky high.  The luxuries are going to be cheap.  The poor would be getting poorer and the rich getting richer.  I can't have any authentic statement but above all is what I came across via media.

If it is so, the things are going to be drastic.  The poor is already at the verge of death.  The last drop of his blood is going to be fatal for these luxurious cults who are always there to decide ho's fate.  The social pressure is at critical point and the rulers need to take the notice. If not,  nature is there to maintain the balance.  Pakistan zindabad.


  1. OMG! How they are extracting what ever blood is left n poor people. So sad. So sad.