Thursday, June 20, 2013

Social maturity in Pakistan

It is just a matter of few decades that Pakistan came into being. The world map never imagined that a country of a small area could be a bottle bottle neck for most of the international rather inter continental interests.

But even before golden jubilee celebration, this small country started dreaming of super power. This is something one can just dream of it.  The time passed but it taught a lot kg lessons but as usual in a bitter way.

The political instability brought on the social masses thought the invasion of armed forces in the houses kept on changing the faces of this new country as Islamic,  political,  extremist,  religious redical and some tomes the enlightened moderate.  Every body got the right to name it in its own way. But I would call it the process of non stop social evolution. 

The cold shoulder shown by Gen kayani to these political integrities improved the current political horizons resulting in widening the vision of a common man,  making home well aware of what all social and political was going to happen, making him more wise after getting itself crushed in the inflation and sense of non stop insecurity.  What ever you call it,  this has been a blessing in disguise for Pakistan,  poor nation and a warning call for the political cults.

But now one came expect something better. This is through the rigorous five years of last government resulting into the adolescence of a new political party.  Imran khan got into the politics of KPK all in all. Rest all in the laps of PMLN.  Now the scree has started vanishing and a sense of competition started between the policies and policy makers of both the parties. Although Imran khan is leading but PMLN is also getting positive in this  regard.

The only thing remaining to be worked on is discipline. Rest all have started showing the change.  Something positive which can be regarded as the first sign of social maturity in Pakistan.  

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