Monday, December 28, 2015

Educational Reforms in Southern Punjab

This might be a bit disturbing for few but for masses residing in remote areas of southern Punjab, this is a bit positive to have few steps for education department devised and implemented by CM Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif. Things have finally started working but few things needed to be catered for regarding these steps.

1. Three layered monitorning system introduced by Punjab Govt is a bit complex. DTEs are required to pay a visit to every school of their  cluster one a week. Where as monitering teams also pay a visit to every school once a month. Frequent visits by higher officers of Education Department are also there. All this has created a mess at Govt opeated schools.

2. The new teacher selection regime is workable if subject oriented merit short listing is done. Right now open merit system is in operation but I have seen agriculture specilist and engineers boys being selected for teaching at primary level. Subject related merit should be set to have professionals in this field.

3. Open merit system has another demerit. Teachers selected on open merit mostly belong to cities but they are posted in remote schools. Due to poor transport system and very bad condition of roads in Southern Punjab, they are unable to be present in time at schools. They also become habitual of attending four days at school. Merit should be open at union council level to cater for this issue.

4. Free books are not deleivered in time at remote schools. One to three months delay has been obsered. Mafia is also there to get these books from schools and then sale these books in the market. Students have to buy these books to save their time and lectures.

5. Every child at school regime has created a negative competetion between Govt operated schools and private sector. Society is governed by influencial factors so poor are unable to send their children in private schools where as in Govt schools, their children are enrolled but not studuing.

6. "Maar Nahi Piyaar" regime is positive but prior to that, teachers are required to induce pre training for this regime to make it a success.

Few lines by mine are actually my feel for this sector as I myself have sufferred all thsi. May some one influencial reads it and makes it workable for greater good.

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