Monday, December 28, 2015

Pain and SKMCH

Let me congratulate Imran Khan on the occassion of successful completion of second cancer hospital of Pakistan i.e. Shaukat Khanam Memorial Cancer Hospital Peshawer. Hoping to see another SKMCH in Karachi soon IA.

It is a story of pain which some one comes across any time in his life. Imran Khan stated " The last two months of the pain I sufferred once my mother was suffering from cancer at last stage and I could not do anything except watching her creeping towards death was too immense to create something where some one could come and get the tratement without any issue of money and resources".

This is the mission statement for anyone who carries courage enough to stand up and be counted. Imran Khan stood up and did it. No words to commemorate the feel for Imran Khan.

Let me add one thing to them who still are rating it as a political stunt of Inran Khan. One week before a loved one of mine got diagnosed with cancer. The pain I was saw in the eyes of whole family was too much. Once they visited SKMCH lahore, it was too positive to see their faces back to life once doctors gave the verdict of curable disease.

Imran Khan is the name of struggle and honesty. People trust him because he bears a character and an honest deal. So his last call for fund raising was too encouraging for those who still feel standing up for a cause.

May Allah bless us all and be honest in the name of religion, character and cause we carry.

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