Monday, March 20, 2017

Do I Need It ?

With the eruption of social media and exposure of a complete generation to this aspect, there are a few serious consequences which every one of us is facing. These consequences include poor time management, false stress, tension and some medical issues like headache etc which i mentioned in visual pollution.
Now the question remains like what should be the steps involved to cater for these issues.
As per my apprehension, I have devised certain principles to have a balanced dose of all these factors to live a balanced life. These steps move around one single line i.e. "Do I Need It???".
Now what is this line?
1. Before starting any activity, just give it a one second. Stop by and think "Do I need it???". If the answer is no, stop there and then. If the answer is yes, give it another thought i.e. " How much I need this activity? ". Now analyse the need and come to time distribution of said activity.
Believe me, this line carries the potential to change the complete course of life.